Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st "I will miss" about Berlin

This post promises to be the 1st of many about "thing I will miss about Berlin" over the next 7 months, yes 7 months, can you believe it? Time has flown by and we pray everyday that it SLOWS down!

I will miss...the kids pediatrician.

Today I called the ped at 9:30am after dropping Carter off at school. I simply said, "My daughter is sick and needs to see the doc," the nurse asked "can you come now?" Of course, I'm on my way, but it'll be about 15 minutes, "no problem. Come now."
We get to the office, I didn't even say my name and the doctor (not the nurse) escorts us to our room. He then immediately starts examining Abby and asking me questions. He gives us our prescriptions and we head to the Apotheke (pharmacy), get Abby's RX and what time is it? 9:59am! AMAZING...29 minutes start to call to medicine.....