Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas in Berlin

Christmas Morning-Speaks for itself! :)
Santa went a little overboard...

Tinkerbell convinced she can fly!

Christmas Eve

Great Christmas Eve Service at church! The kids managed to sit with us in 'big church' without any major catastrophe.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 2011

We had crazy ambitions to go to a New Year's Eve Party with the kids. So, when the party got canceled at the last minute due to a stomach bug, I was left to make sure our precious ones were not disappointed....
So, we decorated with balloons and streamers, made party hats and confetti, played games, and at 9:55pm it was New Year's at our house! The countdown began and the confetti flew, and flew, and flew...
Maybe next year, we will try again to let the kids stay up for the famous firecracker show in Berlin? Though we probably will not need to leave our house if our neighbor has another party like he did this year!
He threw his own private party, full of fireworks, karaoke, formal sit-down dinner, etc. It did get a little out of hand, but, thankfully, the kids slept right through it!
I think you can tell from all the smiles, our party was a HIT!

Happy 2011

A little special New Years Donut

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

A few days before Christmas, Daniel and I decided to take the kids to see their 1st Big Screen Movie...
I must admit I did think this was a bit on the crazy side because all my mom ever told me about my
1st movie was that I spent more time in the bathroom than watching the movie? Yep, apparently I decided I needed to visit all 20 stalls in the bathroom at least once and found that more fun that sitting still for a full-length feature?! No comments please! :) Crazy or not, there was a cute movie out (that didn't involve trains, cars, buses, etc), and we were determined to give it a try! So, "Tangled" or "Rapunzel" as the movie is called here is what we went to see. We saw the movie at the Sony Center which airs all movies in their original format, so it was in fact in English! Apparently, many of the modern day fairytales originated in Germany and Rapunzel is one of them. We found this to be fitting for us so off we went!
The kids knew there was a fun 'surprise' coming that included popcorn, but neither imagined a big theatre!
What a surprise it was for them! We did have a little bit of hesitancy when the lights dimmed, but they were fine until the sound came on. Carter said, "it's TOO loud" and covered his ears. For a second, I thought "uh oh this is not good," but I told him he could put my had on over his ears and that would help. Holding my breath, he bought it! You can barely see in this picture, but he wore the hat the whole show. Abby then insisted her ears hurt as well and needed something; hence the scarf!
I went armed with a bag full of snacks and treats to keep them in their seats-it worked! They both sat
through the whole movie, no potty breaks, nobody cried, nobody fell asleep, it was fabulous!
After the movie, we took a stroll through the Sony Center. The kids enjoyed seeing the Santa and snowman made only of Legos! Amazing the patience someone must have to put literally thousands of little legos together to make something lifesize!

Yes, even the sleigh was made solely of Legos!

Happy Birthday Jesus

Well, it's been exactly a month since Christmas Eve so I suppose it's about time to post some pictures!
What can I say, other than between managing the house, kids, and tutoring, etc I'm averaging about 30 days to post stuff! :) Fairly certain, if we ever have anymore kids, the blog is sure to be dropped! :) Priorities, Priorities...

One of the many traditions for Team Williams is to bake and decorate a birthday cake for Jesus, and I must say my two little bakers were so much help this year! I'm confident in a couple more years they will do it all on their own! They already tell me exactly what needs to be done, it's just a matter of supervision. Chocolate cake it is!

Abby reading the 'structions' for me

My little taste testers

Another tradition for Team Williams is the gingerbread house! I learned a lesson after last year-I tried to help each of the kids with their own (gingerbread train and house) and I will not be doing that again! One house for 2 kids is ENOUGH of a mess for me!

My sweet Carter let Abby and I lick the beaters...yum!