Friday, March 18, 2011

Things That Cracked Me Up Today

It's Friday-Praise God!
Everyday there are many things that make me laugh and I ask myself "where did that come from?" but today it seemed they were happening all too often. I'll share a few, though they might not seem as funny to you.
1-when I came home today from a doctor's appointment with Abby, Carter had lined up canned goods, equidistant from each other all the way down our 30+ ft hallway? No, I didn't take a picture, but I know I should have. Instead I just shook my head and when he said, "Mom look what I did?". I smiled and said, "wow, that's great!" He then asked if I was "ready to bowl?"
2- Abby wrote diligently at her desk and told Carter she was 'tutoring'. She then told him, "you can't tutor Carter, girls tutor and boys go to work!"
3-I asked the kids today if they had any clue what we were going to be doing on vacation, Abby responded very confidently, "I think we are going to KiCo!" Berliners will understand, but for the rest of you, KiCo is just a coffee type shop with an indoor playground. I think I hit this vacation out of the park-the kids are CLUELESS and have some very low expectations it seems for vacation.
4- In our effort to teach the kids to take turns we practice saying, "Carter, Abby, Carter, Abby, Carter, Abby..." The kids know the routine but they are increasingly developing this game of selfish manipulation where when their turn is up they change it to "Carter, Carter, Carter, Abby, Abby, Abby"...Mmmmmm....
5-The kids are at an age, I say this praying it is indeed just their age, that they seem to boss each other around constantly, fighting, arguing,  and competing on the most RIDICULOUS things from the moment their eyes open. Yet, several days over the past few weeks, right before bedtime they are best friends. Tonight, Abby asked, "Carter do you want to sleep with me?" and he jumps up and down and says, "yes Abby, I do." Then they hug, spin each other around, fall down in laughter.....mmmmmmmmmmm-I don't quite get it, but I suppose it could be God's little way of giving me encouragement as a mom.

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