Monday, April 4, 2011

Heidelberg: Stop #1

Heidelberg, Germany was our 1st stop on our 9 day Spring Vacation-FABULOUS! We stayed in Army Lodging and we could not have asked for a better place. Seriously though our suite was bigger than our first apartment! Not to mention the dozens of playgrounds around for the twins! We really could have never left the base and the kids would have been fine, but as for Daniel and I, we were excited to see the old city.

One thing we did learn for sure on this trip is that Abby gets motion sick easily. It's happened 4 times now that after we've driven in the car for several hours, and that night she gets sick. All the previous times, we've held our breathe wondering who was next and she, nor anyone else, ever gets sick. After she throws up once or twice, she is fine and back to normal. Glad to finally 'diagnose' this so I can look into remedies!
We ate dinner at a cute little American diner place in a old train car. How perfect?! Great times for sure, especially the little dance Abby did to Micheal Jackson while we were waiting for our food! If you need a good laugh, she will always bring it!
Mandy's Diner

My boys-Carter all smiles-we were eating in a train!!
We visiting the walking district along the Neckar River both days and loved it. Along the way, we saw the oldest private residence in the city, now Das Hotel Zum Ritter, built in 1592.
Das Hotel Zum Ritter
Another big hit for Carter was the Bergbahn (aka mountain train). We took the Bergbahn up to the old castle. The first part of the castle structure was built in 1214. We made several attempts to get a good picture, but none of ours do it justice, so here's a borrowed link!

Looking up the Bergbahn track
The 'small' side of the castle
Inside the castle courtyard
Inside the castle courtyard
Abby insisted on taking our picture, she did a great job!

While Carter wasn't big on getting his picture taken on this trip, he did take a turn behind the camera as well!

This is a wine barrel

Silly, just silly!
Verdict: We LOVED Heidelberg and hope to go back before we leave. Highly recommend!

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  1. Looks like a great time! I think Kevin and Sam should add Heidelberg to their itinerary. That castle is incredible!