Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus

Well, it's been exactly a month since Christmas Eve so I suppose it's about time to post some pictures!
What can I say, other than between managing the house, kids, and tutoring, etc I'm averaging about 30 days to post stuff! :) Fairly certain, if we ever have anymore kids, the blog is sure to be dropped! :) Priorities, Priorities...

One of the many traditions for Team Williams is to bake and decorate a birthday cake for Jesus, and I must say my two little bakers were so much help this year! I'm confident in a couple more years they will do it all on their own! They already tell me exactly what needs to be done, it's just a matter of supervision. Chocolate cake it is!

Abby reading the 'structions' for me

My little taste testers

Another tradition for Team Williams is the gingerbread house! I learned a lesson after last year-I tried to help each of the kids with their own (gingerbread train and house) and I will not be doing that again! One house for 2 kids is ENOUGH of a mess for me!

My sweet Carter let Abby and I lick the beaters...yum!

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