Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disneyland Paris- Stop #3-Part I

Could it be Radiator Springs? O my, O my! When I booked our stay at Hotel Santa Fe, it was simply because it was the cheapest Resort Hotel that didn't have bunkbeds. (No, I just don't see putting bunkbeds and our little monkeys together as a safe mix!) Though I was very disappointed in the hotel itself, Lighting McQueen and Mater were EVERYWHERE so the kids really did think we were in Radiator Springs and well....that's all that matters! Mater and Lighting bedspreads...o my!

 Boy were we full of surprises! Disney and a visit with 'Big Abby!' Sweet memories...
just a few days ago, Carter woke up and said, "mommy, in my pillow was Big Abby and Lighting." I was so confused, but then it all made sense to me-He had dreamed (pillow) about being back at Disney, riding LM with Big Abby! I smiled as I'm sure a tear or two ran down my face.
The kids in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

You think this boy is excited?

First ride of the trip-Buzz Lightyear
Carter flying in the rockets, Abby decided
to stay on the ground and drive the cars.

Parade time-who knew we would need to be there
so early to get a good seat? Good thing
we had 4 more days left!

Of all the rides at Disneyland, the Carousal? Really?

Carter just found the train, though I think it will be awhile before he rides it!

O, the tea cups!

Abby was a fan! This is ride #2! She had to have the pink cup!

"It's a Small World!"-something for everyone!
Notice the train

Princess Tiana-I had absolutely no idea who this
princess was, but Abby enjoyed meeting her.

How Sweet!

Rise and Shine! It's Breakfast with Mickey Time!

The kids had NO idea who Geppeto was at the time, but
we've read Pinocchio the past 3 days so we are set for next time!

All things Mickey-even cheese pizza!


  1. That is one big cotton candy stick!!! ;o) Love the pics. Kids look adorable, as always.

  2. Can't wait to see the pics of Abby and Ariel- Dan told us all about your trip last night- so thrilled ya'll had a wonderful time. Loved all the stories!!! -Ashleigh

  3. LOVE the pictures. And I showed them to the kids and they were VERY jealous of the giant cotton candy.