Friday, October 14, 2011

Disneyland Paris- Stop #3-Part 2

Our last day at DisneyLand Paris we decided to try the parades again, but this time we were going to be EARLY! Boy did it payoff. At the 1st parade, the kids saw Gaston, the blue monster, and Arial. Arial had to be the sweetest thing of all. She walked straight up to Abby when she got out of her car and said, "well, we have something in common don't we? We've both got red hair." Super sweet! Abby was excited, but I must admit, my heart was melting.

Daniel and Carter then went to see a car stunt show while the girls went to wait for Cinderella. We kept missing her so we decided to campout for the parade! Abby wore her Cinderella dress hoping to see her and she was full of good luck! Tiger walked right up to Abby and then Cinderella herself walked over and talked to her. It was so precious, so much so, I missed the photo op! Ugh...don't worry Daniel has already given me a hard time on this one! 

Finally, the kids each picked one last ride and settled on the cars.

That mean old Gaston doesn't look so mean?

Praise God for the English Speaking Arial!

Waiting on the parade with my little Cinderella


Here she comes...

...there she goes, but the smile says it all!

Calling Daddy to tell him she talked to Cinderella

O no....

Think she will be this happy 12 years from now when she is riding with C?

Abby's favorite ride

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