Sunday, October 24, 2010

London Bridges

There are many places on my list that I hope to see while living in Berlin and last week I was able to cross one off-London! However, after our trip, I really hope to visit London again one day soon-it was FABULOUS! London is the site of the 2012 Summer Olympics and I'm already brainstorming about how to get back for it! I understand it's a long shot, but anything is possible! :)

London Here We Come! Waiting at the bus stop!

Carter was excited of course because on our voyage to London we rode on bus, train, train, plane, train, blacktop taxi! And of course, over our few days there the bus and tube rides were too many to count! Needless to say, the boy was happy and if possible, probably sick of public transportation when the trip was over! :)

Heathrow Express into Paddington Station
Paddington Station

After getting settled at our hotel, we didn't waste anytime and took the train to Trafalgar Square. We then got some fabulous Mexican food at none other than the Texas Embassy! Yes, long ago when Texas was its own country 1836-1845, there was a Texas Embassy-though not at this same building. You can read more at

Even Blue Bear enjoyed London and the Texas Embassy

We stopped by Harrod's and managed to only buy 2 chocolate lollipops!

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the Toy Kingdom and I don't think they will have ANY problem telling Santa what they want for Christmas this year! Especially since the next day we visited Hamley's Toy Store on our bus tour! Harrod's has a whole candy/chocolate/yummy section and well here is one of the many extravagant delights!

Carter played with these cars for an hour!

Wow! Thomas is everywhere!

Pictures from the Egyptian Esclators

Ceiling decor of the Egyptian themed escalators

Day 2 in London involved an open top bus tour of the city.

St. Martins in the Field

The London Eye

Abby and the "windmill" as she calls it

Carter playing at the nearby park while we wait for the London Eye

Abby, silly Carter and "Big Ben"

Having fun with Bertie the Bus

Big Ben

Abby and Buzz Lightyear at Hamley's

 Many people think this is "London Bridge" because it
is big and beautiful, but this is Tower Bridge.
Tower Bridge

London Bridge is actually just a boring old overpass-didn't warrant a picture!
Next stop, to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace! The queen wasn't intown for our visit, but
maybe next time! :) Abby insisted on playing with the queen and inquired if she had "any toys?"

Blue Bear O' Blue Bear and Abby

As you can see it was beginning to get dark, so before we all turned into pumpkins we got some good old American Food at ---- TGIFriday's! Everyone was happy!
Blue Bear was happy

Daddy was happy

Carter and Abby were happy the TGIF motorcycle was right by our booth
The next day we saw some more sites, played at Regent's Park, shopped at Harrod's, ate at Pizza Hut,
rode "The Tube"...

say "waterfall"

the waterfall :)

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