Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Walk in the Grunewald

We are so blessed to have a fabulous forest literally right out our back door, so we can enjoy beautiful Fall days like today. The kids have a blast, but seem to associate going to the forest with M&M's?! You see, there are vendor trucks, at least one if not two or three, that set up shop near the lake. They sell everything from brats, ice cream, to yes, M&M's. The first time I went with the kids on a walk I got M&M's because I felt like the German word would be very close if not exactly the same as the English, aka, I might not make a fool of myself asking for them! Now, EVERYtime we go to the forest the kids think it's for the M&M's! We don't always get them, but they are 3 they don't forget ANYthing!

On any given day you will see dozen's of dogs enjoying the lake.
Abby enjoys the sand and inevitably we always seem to come home with sand everywhere!
This a "chair" Carter likes to stop and sit.
The picture below is the entrance to the forest, I can't imagine how beautiful it will be when the leaves are in full blown in the next few weeks!

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