Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our stuff is here!

Our HHE aka 'stuff' arrived last week, just hours before we left on our trip to London. Some friends have compared it to Christmas for the kids since they get to see stuff they haven't seen in awhile. I might add that's it was like Christmas for me too! Among the first things to search for-crockpot and pillows! Our bed and Daniel's recliner were also nice 'gifts'! Carter was excited to help out with all the boxes and still a week later wants to help. Hopefully, in a couple more days there won't BE anymore boxes! :) All these pictures were taken after the first of 3 crates were empty, so you can see all the 'STUFF' I am having a BLAST unpacking! Living without all this stuff for 2 months, makes you really think about what you can live without.

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