Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Halloween in Berlin

Within the first week of arriving in Germany, we had already heard several stories about "Being prepared for Halloween?!" Later we learned that what they meant was that our neighborhood full of American's was a magnet for Germans who wanted in on the free candy. So, I prepared with 30lbs of candy (approx 1000 pieces).
The kids are still stuck on trains and kitty cats, specifically blue trains and pink kitty cats!
Carter (aka Thomas) getting ready for Cubbies

Carter in the midst of "what does a train say?" "Choooooooooooo Chooooooooooooo"

NO idea how many kids we had (several hundred for sure), but the fact Taxi's were dropping kids off on our street says it all! We did have 3 different parents give us candy "to help contribute to the cause?"

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