Sunday, December 12, 2010

Asparagus Farm

Asparagus Farm, you ask? In October, we wanted to find a 'pumpkin patch' type place to visit, and, well, we ended up at an aspargus farm!?! Apparently, asparagus is a popular food for Germans, especially white asparagus! Despite the 'asparagus' title, it was very similar to a pumpkin patch place in the States.
This particular farm has a different theme each year and this year it was "Fairy Tales." There were probably 2 dozen or so displays of pumpkins/gords/etc decorated as a particular tale, but we only checked out a few.

"Puss in Boots"
"Mother Goose"
"Hansel and Gretel"
Tower of Pumpkins-AMAZING! There were so many different ones!
Kids play area

Abby's Favorite!
Jumping on the toddler trampoline, but then insisted on going on the bigger one.

"Pippy Longstockings"
Didn't take him long to find the train- of course, this was his favorite!

Our little engineer and princess!

Some dragon fairy tale-can't remember

Daniel's traditional German lunch--Schweine Haxe--Mmmmmm.....

2 very happy kiddos!

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