Thursday, September 30, 2010

1st Road Trip

Less than 24 hours after our car arrived, we packed up for our first road trip- Grafenwoehr. Graf what? you might ask- It is the closest military base about 4 hours away. A place to stock up on all our favorites from home!

I rode on the German Autobahn for the first time and lets just say, the next time, I will be the one driving! Seriously, when you get to speeds like this in the picture, kids in tow, cars passing you like you are standing still, it will make your heart beat so fast it might jump out of your chest! I think I was in the early stages of a panic attack, though, my husband was having a blast on his thrill ride. Thankfully, on our return trip it was raining and there were speed limits! We did however, get passed by a hearse!
We stopped about an hour away from Graf at a rest stop for the Toilette and Burger King. Crazy thing was? No lie we had to pay 70 cents each to use the bathroom! Paying for the bathroom was indeed a first, but it was also a very clean public restroom. The toilets even had an arm that came up and washed the seat with hot water after you flushed! Sorry, didn't have my camera in the bathroom for pics, but I will most certainly be bringing it next time!
Off to Burger King, I haven't had BK since I was in college, but it was pretty decent. The kids are loving the kids meals here because they get to pick out the toy. Good news at BK is they credited us 50 cents each for our Toilette ticket?! So, I suppose the paying for the bathroom isn't COMPLETELY outrageous.
We stocked our pantry for the next few months with many things-here is a sampling-
Cheddar Cheese - can't find in Berlin
Chocolate Chips - can't find in Berlin
Jimmy Dean Sausage - a must for sausage balls
Lil Smokies
Ziploc Bags - OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive
Charmin - I seriously think the TP here is in the cardboard family
Salad Dressing
Bush's Baked Beans
Cap'n Crunch Cereal

Stocked with some comfort foods of home, now if we can only get the rest of our comforts from home!

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