Friday, October 14, 2011

Road trip to Italy

Our Italy vacation has been many years in the making, for Daniel and me at least. We planned a big Italian vacation when D returned from Iraq the first time, but 2 months before boarding the plane, the doctor in her own words said-'no way Jose'. Disappointed? Hardly! We were pregnant with twins! So, when we planned this trip to Italy it was fulfilling a dream. Sure, years ago, our trip was going to be a romantic getaway for the two of us, but the beauty is the same with the kids in tow.
Abby and Blue Bear buckled in and ready to go!

Pandy and Carter ready to roll!
We stayed a week at a quaint little Italian farmhouse just South of Tuscany. Abby enjoyed swimming in the pool and Carter ran around the pool throwing things in for Abby to fetch out. They rode their bikes around the garden, played soccer, foozeball, and chased the many cats that came around. Most days we drove to some nearby Tuscan and Umbrian cities to take in the sites. One day we even managed to take the train to Rome! The other days we relaxed at the farmhouse and enjoyed some authentic Italian pizza and pasta!

We drove back to Berlin via Salzburg to split up drive and take in a bit of Austria. The low point of the trip for me was our new fancy camera's battery died 10 minutes into our Salzburg Sightseeing Tour...ugh! Though a bit disappointed at the time, I've decided it's a good thing because there is absolutely NO way you could capture the breathtaking beauty with a still photograph. I can attest that it is even more amazing in person than it is on the "Sound of Music." To pick a 'high point' of the trip is near impossible, however, the blessing of being able to spend almost 2 weeks with my 3 favorite people, in a place I'd always dreamed of going, was really a 'dream come true.'

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