Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Grocery Shopping Trip

A little overwhelmed at first because I had to make a deposit to get a grocery cart? But, it makes sense and now I'm aware for the future. The kids were given bananas from one of the produce ladies-probably because she knew it was going to take us awhile to make our way through the store-she didn't want to have the kids go hungry!
Some things on our grocery list consisted of Williams staples-fruit, chicken nuggets, ravioli, Cheerios, tortilla chips, bagels, Philadelphia cream cheese, potatoes, spaghetti, milk, cheese slices, Heinz ketchup (which tastes NOTHING like ketchup to me, but thank the Lord the kids haven't notice any difference yet!), applesauce.
Some new favorites we found Crust Less Bread (my personal favorite), Leibniz Minis, Nutella, some sort of Wurst that D picked out!
Things I learned- I'm not going to find cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce that's not really ketchup, nor taco seasoning that tastes like real TACO seasoning. But, the 3-4 hour roadtrip to the comm/PX trip will happen the weekend our car arrives! No doubt, I will be one of those customers w/ 3+ carts!

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