Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strong and Courageous

It was my first time out in the city with the kids in tow and me, not a lick of German. I was excited because I had only been here a week and found an English Speaking Women's Bible Study that I could take the kids too. So, I mapped out my route and got the kids out the door in plenty of time to make our first bus.
We walked outside only to find it raining, decision time-am I setting myself up for huge failure here or am I to press on? Well, I hesitated a bit, but after spending an hour getting us all set, I didn't really want to turn back, plus I felt like God was testing me just a bit. So, I asked the kids if they wanted to walk to the bus in the rain, afterall, if they weren't up for it, it probably would be a disaster. Carter resounding "yes" and Abby in her typical agreeable self said, "sure."
Praying all the way to the bus stop, I knew that God would enable me to be patient with the rain, after all He sent it. First bus, almost 20 minutes late, NOT typical, but we made it on and just in time to make the second. We rode on a BLUE double decker so Carter was ecstatic. So, it's barely 9:30 am and I've already made the little guys day, anything else is just icing on the cake! I must say getting off the bus with our stroller is quite tricky. We had a semi-tragic crash getting out, but thankfully the bystanders felt inclined to help me! Thinking even if the car arrives soon, we might have to invest in a different type of stroller.

We MADE it and just 2 minutes late!
When I arrived I was met with open arms and smiling faces! The kids had a huge playroom and a super sweet lady who played with them in the room next door to the study. As I sat down and introduced myself to the group of super sweet ladies, I could hear the kids laughing next door, just the affirmation I needed-thank you Jesus for giving me the strength to follow through. We then opened up to Joshua 1- Be Strong and Courageous-just what I needed to hear, crazy how God gives you just what you need, exactly when you need it.
Feeling, confident and ambitious, despite being naptime, the kids and I ventured to a nearby mall! The mall had a fresh fruit stand, small grocery store, meat shop with wursts, that was just the beginning-could be a future one stop shop for us! After all, we did visit our mall in VA about once a week maybe this will replace it? I managed to get the kids some Happy Meals from McDonald's and me a smoothie. We walked around a little, but not without first hitting up one of the many fresh bakeries. 1 Raspberry Fruit Tart- I asked for a 'fork' that particular lady didn't speak English so I motioned like I was eating and she picked up what I was trying to say. We made it home, kids to bed, and I alone with my delicious fruit tart-a perfect present for a fabulous day!


  1. sounds fun... kids love rain... they don't view it as "Gosh, i wish it wasn't raining"

  2. heather! i am so proud of you! you are an awesome mom. i was singing my own praises when i ventured to the store for the first time with all 3. you're running the roads and don't even speak the language...you GO! so happy for you to find a bible study already...how encouraging. so happy you started this blog...i will look forward to reading your posts when you update! love ya.

  3. Love reading your blog!! Keep it up!