Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day in Berlin

After many months of telling Carter there were a plethura of trains in "Germee" we followed through with another train ride. It's the 2nd in only 3 days and the number of "Thomas" bus trips (double decker like Bertie) are too many to count, needless to say he is thoroughly enjoying the present means of transportation. He wakes up saying, "lets go ride something!"
We took the train to IKEA and got some much needed household items while we await for our HHE to arrive, hopefully soon. We ate dinner at the train station and again that was a big hit for the little guy.
It was a productive day in my mind-got my new cell phone! Nothing super fancy, but one more step in feeling like this place is home.
Top Priority now is INTERNET!  We have a temporary fix for now, but no uploading photos,skyping or loading any page w/ multiple pictures or videos-so pictures will come in time.

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