Friday, September 17, 2010

Lessons 2 weeks in Germany

Some random things I've learned while being in Germany:
- No matter how hard you try by skipping naps, taking naps, etc. it will take 3 year olds a week to get over jetlag
- Pack pillows in your Air Freight- the airplane like pillows they give you are only suitable for a night or two
- Germans are serious about recycling, I am not as of yet
- it costs more to call cell phones than landlines in Germany
- it's cheaper to buy a prepaid cell phone than a contract with a plan
- dogs are treated better than kids in some places
- They really do sell beer and brats just about everywhere
- packing your own groceries isn't so bad, but transporting them on a bus isn't so fun
- the standard darking/privacy blinds look odd, but are great for making the kids think it's no longer/not quite yet a 'beautiful day'
- what I call 'camping' is only fun for a few days - using only 4 plates, 3 (one broke) cups, dull knives, and 3 pots to cook everything
- groceries seem to come in much smaller packaging
- at some point during the day, it will probably at least sprinkle, if not rain
-hiking involves ski poles, though the ground is flat?
-despite the way the wheels are turned-all grocery carts slide from side to side
-the bus near our house has yet to be on time
-yet to meet a 3 year old (besides my own) that's not in preschool/childcare at least 4 days a week
-asking for water at a restaurant will either get you sparking water or no water at all

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  1. I would pay money to see those kids jet lagged... they're probably thinking "What theee hellll is wrong with me?!?!'... kinda like when you wake up from getting your wisdom teeth pulled